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Professional dance groups and dance school in Nitra.

Old School Brother prefers hip-hop dance styles. - Poppin´, Lockin´, Break dance.

Dancing school

Dance school

The dance School Old School Brothers belongs to among most successful and respected ones...

Dance school

Registration in dancing school in Nitra


Recruitments are always held in early September of the particular school year, but there is an option...


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"Professional dance group Old School Brothers is dedicated to hip-hop dance style - Poppin, Lockin', Break dance for over 20 years. The dancers present their own unique and artistic way to create a perfect performance for the most demanding audience.

Their dance performances have already seen tens of thousands of spectators not only across the country but also abroad. Performances are adapted to the type of event and customer requirements.

Of course there is an interaction with the audience, gifts from Old School Brothers, and autographing.

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