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Old School Brothers is a professional dance group fulfilling most demanding client´s requirements, whose satisfaction is our primary goal. By default, we prepare dance show lasting 30-60 minutes consisting of diverse choreography including interaction with the audience (dance battle, dance school) associated with prizes from Old School Brothers (T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps).
Of course there are signature cards and autographing.

If you are interested in dancing performances, do not hesitate contact us. The final price depends on:

  1. variants of show
  2. length of the program
  3. location of the event
  4. in case a new choreography is requested- according to demands of production.

We will prepare a non-binding offer to you. We are looking forward to our cooperation.

You can choose from our portfolio:

1. „Performance of the entire group“

We can prepare a program in length ranging from three minutes to more than one hour dance show (in one or more performances), which includes several successful choreographies:

Open show - a dynamic choreography, particularly suitable for the opening of events of all kind

Folk Music“ – very unusual choreography prepared by dancers of our style (street dance) for the first time in Slovakia. It is suitable especially for various municipal celebrations, where the Slovak traditional culture want to be linked with the modern world..

"Dance Fashion Show" - You are preparing a fashion show? Your models demonstrate it in a unique manner.  

"Tirol Break Dance" - new choreography in the style of Oktoberfest, prepared especially for the Austrian and German markets. 

London 2012 Olympics“ – a special choreography presented during the Olympic Games in London (more than 60 performances in London).

The winning choreography from Slovakia's Got Talent“ – thanks to this choreography, dancers won the show prize and a cash prize in amount of 100,000 Euros.

Solo choreography of Miroslav (Bruise) Žilka and our Old School Brothers GIRLS  are also included in the comprehensive program. The program may also include interaction with the audience (dance school, dance battle on price).


2. Preparation of special choreography

We can prepare a special choreography due to selected music, costumes, to suit the type of event and customer requirements. Interesting are also teambuilding activities - involving employees in choreography (e.g. Slovanet), workshop during the event (e.g. Company Kros), and of course the "flash mob".


3. Solo performance of Miroslav "Bruise" Žilka

Solo show of our most successful dancer including choreographies from German "Das Supertalent" Austrian "Die Grosse Chance" as well as "Czechoslovakia's Got Talent."

You can find more information

4. Old School Brothers Dance School Show

Nowadays more than 150 members attend our dance school. From beginners to dancers who are winning not only national, but also foreign competitions. We would like to pay attention to the most successful performances of our wards:

  • "Old School Brothers Girls" - winners of several national competitions at age from 15 to 18 years. They successfully introduced themselves in “Czechoslovakia's Got Talent” in year 2015. Length of program in 3-20 minutes.
  • "Samuel and Adrián" - exceptional dance DUO. These guys won in 2015 the first place in the World Championship in Croatia in Poreč in the junior age group with choreography "Moon Light". Length of program in 3-10 minutes.

5. Leadingdance workshops and “judging”dance competitions

Dancers offer their experiences to other dance groups byleading dance workshops or participation in juries for dance competitions (categories - Hip Hop, Lockin, Poppinand Break Dance).


6. Participation in TV commercials and advertising campaigns

Old School Brothers dancers have participated in several advertising campaigns, e.g.:

Fairy tale –The Seven Ravens
Face of shopping mall“Gallery”

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